Brian Unger

Brian's career started back in the late seventies as guitarist for the band “American Tears” (Columbia). The band toured the States in support of their album “Tear Gas” with various 70’s megabands such as Peter Frampton and the J. Geils Band. He also performed in New York theatre as the guitarist for a blues revival show.


In 1980 while touring in Memphis he purchased some of the original recording equipment from the old Stax Recording studio and brought it back to Long Island, New York and subsequently built Paris Recording studios as a vehicle for his own compositions and as an incubator for the local music scene.


In 1981 he joined the band “Industry” and was signed to Capitol Records in 1983. The band included Jon Carin (Roger Waters, David Gilmore) and Rudy Perrone (Windham Hill) and Mercury Coronia (Cathedral). The band toured Europe in support of their self-titled album and the single “State of the Nation”


After the break-up of Industry in 1985 Brian moved into the Kripallu Yoga ashram where he produced music for their “Dancekinetics” series. He left there in 1986 to return to college, and production on Long Island.


In the 90’s he fronted various original bands while maintaining a full time recording schedule at various studios in the New York area.

In 1995 he formed MaddenRae, an acoustic duo with singer Shannon Rae. They were nominated in 1997 as best new band of the year by the Long Island Music Hall of Fame, for their self titled album “MaddenRae”.


In 1999 Brian became a “Pro Tools” engineer. Purchasing one of the first systems in the area, he was sought after for the editing capabilities inherent in this new system of recording. The system quickly became the most efficient method for music production,


After several several years of constant recording and production for other artists Brian began performing again with Marie DelaCruz and friends, playing her originals. and currently performing at various venues around Long Island.


Brian is currently collaborating with some of his old musical partners and some new faces on a project that will encompass new material from his own catalogue along with some of the best writers and players from the local indie music scene. Brian and friends will perform this music at the March ??? Live in the Lobby showcase.


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